There’s about a million reasons why someone might like to buy a property Rent to Own, EVEN if they can qualify for typical bank lending.

Here are just a few:

  • Poor/recovering credit
  • Ease of getting approved
  • Speed of purchase
  • Flexibility of lender
  • Lower closing costs
  • Getting to deal with a small business, not a huge corporation
  • Ability to buy a new house before the previous one is sold

We have had buyers who COULD have gotten a bank loan, but it still made sense for them to have us finance the property initially.  How much easier would things be if you could buy your new home, and THEN get the old one up for sale?  And don’t you just HATE paying for that PMI and all those other big closing costs?  Maybe you’re ready to move in NOW, not 45 days from now.  It might make sense for you to finance with us until your equity is up to 20% of what the house is worth, and THEN go get that bank loan when it’s easier and you don’t have to pay for PMI.

Since we never charge a pre-payment penalty, you’re welcome to pay your home off early, or refinance at any point if it makes sense for you to do so. 

Of course, we are much easier to work with to get approved than your typical mortgage broker.  We understand that sometimes people have had issues come up with their credit history, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to buy a house now if your situation has turned around.  It makes us really happy when we are able to get a person into a house of their own when they thought it would be years before it was an option!